Faux Painting in Saratoga

Fine Line Painting is Saratoga’s faux painting specialist. We develop unique, textured finishes to create elegant interior styles. Whether you want natural stone, a mottled accent wall, or something uniquely you, our faux painting services are sure to please.

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Faux Painting by Fine Line Painting

Elegant. Immaculate. Impressive.

Our faux finishes can give you virtually any look, style, or texture you may want. Natural stone, hardwood, marble, brick—you name it, we can create it. Give us your ideas, and we’ll bring them to life. We’ll bring out the best in your interior, giving you depth, dimension, and best-in-class results.

With our skills and expertise, we can replicate the look of any of the following:

  • Marble
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Fabric
  • Decorated plaster
  • …and more

Get the picture-perfect interior you’ve always wanted at a fraction of the cost with our faux painting services. Book your consultation by contacting us today.

Choose from Any Faux Painting Style

We use a variety of techniques and brushstrokes to provide an incredible array of faux finishes. Choose from any of the following:

  • Marbleizing: Combining colored glazes with intricate brushwork, marbleizing creates a polished look indistinguishable from natural marble.
  • Venetian Plaster: Venetian plaster consists of a lime plaster most commonly associated with traditional Italian villas. It provides a subtle, earthy look that goes great in rooms with lots of natural light.
  • Graining: Graining uses a layered texture effect to emulate the look of hardwood. It can replicate mahogany, maple, cherry, and more, making it the perfect choice for hard floors.
  • Color Wash: A color wash combines fine brushwork with multiple glaze applications. Compared to a conventional coat of paint, it offers added depth and dimension, providing a more nuanced, multi-tonal appearance.
  • Rag Rolling: Rag rolling uses rags to apply the paint. When done by a professional like ourselves, it creates a mottled effect with a distinct pattern and uniform appearance. An excellent choice for a more artistic aesthetic

Go Faux for All Your Painting Needs

Why choose our faux painting services? Years of experience, years of training, and a commitment to our craft have made us the best in the business. We combine artistry with ability, a keen eye with a diligent mindset.

Our services offer exceptional aesthetics at an incredibly affordable price. Compared to natural materials like stone or hardwood, our services are but a fraction of the cost, yet provide the same elegant aesthetic. For a high return on investment, there’s no better option.

Saratoga’s Leading Faux Painting Company

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We know we are your best bet for local faux painting. We’ve spent years honing our craft, and it shows in the quality of our work. Countless customers have come to benefit from our services, and we want you to be next.

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